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What Drinks Does CBD Interact With?

What Drinks Does CBD Interact With?

With the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill – and the resulting legalization of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) – there have been a swath of products to hit the market that are infused with CBD. One product category gaining popularity amongst CBD users is CBD beverages.

But this begs the question, what sort of effects from drinks can be felt when combining CBD with different types of beverages? We look into this question below.

Can I Drink Alcohol with CBD? 

Both alcohol and CBD have been known to reduce inhibitions and foster calmness amongst users.  There have been claims made that combining CBD and alcohol can potentially amplify these effects resulting in changes to mood and behavior or increased lethargy. However, these claims have not been proven.

Research published on PubMed, has indicated that mixing CBD with alcohol may reduce cell damage and fatty liver disease resulting from alcohol consumption (as evidenced in animal studies).  In human studies, it has been observed that combining CBD with alcohol reduces blood alcohol levels, though it should be noted that the reduction in blood alcohol levels was not observed to reduce the impairments of motor and psychomotor performances and so the same cautions taken with drinking and driving should be taken with CBD-infused alcohol.

As the research conducted on CBD and alcohol is minimal, it’s best to avoid mixing the two if you’re unsure how it will affect you.

In addition, consuming CBD in combination with alcohol isn’t legal in Canada or in all US States.  Make sure to check what laws are in place where you live before mixing alcohol and CBD of any kind.

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Can I Drink Caffeine with CBD?  

Combing cannabidiol and caffeine? Isn’t that counterproductive? After all, CBD is known for its calming effects on people whereas caffeine keeps your brain stimulated. The two theoretically seem like they’d cancel each other out with their effects.

Anecdotally, people have found that the drink effects of CBD and caffeine reduce the “jitters” associated with caffeine. There have also been mentions that the combination reduces the feeling of nausea and anxiety that some people experience with caffeine.

Overall, caffeine and CBD, by the accounts reported, leads to a focused burst of energy in the body without the negative side effects caffeine typically has. However, CBD in low doses can also act as a stimulant, so the combination may be overstimulating for some users.

Does Beverage Temperature Effect CBD? 

Unlike other substances whose properties change in hot or cold beverages, CBD doesn’t react negatively with temperature changes. As such, it can be mixed with both hot and cold drinks.  However, in its oil form, CBD will tend to sit as a layer on top of a beverage.

For this reason, using a CBD-infused powder substrate such as ChrgD+ which incorporates DehydraTECH technology for greater bioabsorption, may be a better choice for mixing into your beverages when compared to straight CBD oil.

Because CBD has varying laws state to state, it’s important to buy quality CBD products which provide the consumer with easily accessible testing analyses. It’s important to know what’s going into your body and be aware of the dosage of cannabidiol a product contains. Being informed about CBD – like being certain of the quality of the product you’re using and only taking small doses at a time – will help you decide what’s right for you.  


Add CBD to your drink of choice with ChrgD+ today! 

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