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CBD Water vs. Oil

CBD Water vs. Oil

There has been a storm of CBD-infused products hitting the market. From creams to granola bars to CBD water, CBD is showing up everywhere. For the newcomer to the scene, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of products that are available.

Many users want to be able to eat or drink cannabidiol (“CBD”), and that is now possible. But it is important for users to be aware of how CBD is absorbed, especially since bottled CBD water and drinks are often unable to prevent CBD degradation.

What is water soluble CBD?

CBD oil has been the most common form of CBD consumption since it hit the market because  CBD is extracted as a fat-soluble oil from the hemp plant. Until Lexaria’s DehydraTECH™ became available, edible and drinkable forms of CBD were ineffective since the gastrointestinal system doesn’t do a good job of absorbing CBD into the body.

Further, putting CBD in water is generally just not a good idea. CBD degrades rapidly when exposed to air or light, especially in the presence of water: as much as 50% potency can be lost in just one month. That means that by the time the CBD water actually reaches store shelves, it is impossible to tell how much of the beneficial properties of the CBD are still intact.

This is one reason why ChrgD+ packets are ideal for adding to drinks! Since the dry powder is only exposed to light, air and water once opened, you get the full strength of the CBD in each serving – it typically loses only about 9% potency per YEAR.

So the general rule of thumb is to avoid products containing CBD that is suspended in water or have been exposed to air or light for extended periods of time. By doing so, the CBD molecules are able to retain their full medicinal potential. In fact, water-soluble CBD is generally not a thing – CBD can be suspended in water but never really becomes water-soluble.

Person holding CBD water

CBD absorption

Not all CBD is created equally. Even the highest-quality CBD is not absorbed effectively in the body – in fact, less than 10% of most CBD you swallow actually reaches the bloodstream. That is why ChrgD+ uses the patented Lexaria DehydraTECH™ system to enhance the bioabsorption and bioavailability of our multi-spectrum hemp oil – a premium source of CBD.

There are several ways to consume CBD. Each method involves first delivering CBD into the bloodstream in order to reach cannabinoid receptors in the body. This is currently being heavily researched, though there is good information on how each of these bodily systems absorbs molecules.

Essentially, CBD products are absorbed into the body through one of the following ways:

  • The skin (topical): 2-5%
  • The lungs (inhaled): 30%+
  • The stomach (ingested) 4-8%
  • Under the tongue (sublingually) 15%

Some products are delivering almost zero CBD into the human bloodstream because of poor formulations or lack of delivery technology. Consumers are unknowingly spending money on products that may offer no real benefits.

The market is being flooded with CBD products that are almost never tested for efficacy.

What is clear is that ChrgD+ products powered by DehydraTECH™ are vastly superior to conventional, untreated edible and drinkable products. DehydraTECH™ products deliver 317% more CBD into the human bloodstream at the 30-minute mark than other generic edible CBD products. This excellent performance has been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal! DehydraTECH is the only delivery technology in North America validated through human clinical study to be superior in delivering CBD into the human bloodstream.

CBD Can be consumed in one of the following ways:

  • CBD-infused food and drink products
  • CBD oils and tinctures placed under the tongue
  • Vaporizing CBD
  • Smoking low-THC, high-CBD cannabis (impure)
  • CBD creams, lotions, or skin patches

Each of these methods acts differently in terms of absorption time, amount absorbed, and duration. In fact, since CBD is only effective when it reaches a cannabinoid receptor, each method may affect a different proportion of receptors. For instance, CBD creams will act upon cannabinoid and other receptors nearest the applied region.

And in third-party animal tests, DehydraTECH has been proven to be far more effective at delivering CBD across the blood-brain barrier, making the CBD more available to the vast numbers of cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

Vial of CBD Oil

CBD water vs. ChrgD+

There are better and worse ways to produce and consume CBD. There are negative health effects of smoking; real fears associated with vaping;  loss of efficacy with most edibles: finding the best CBD product can be challenging. CBD beverages have become popular – here is what you need to know.

Bear in mind, CBD water or drinks that are bottled (Ready To Drink or “RTD”) and sold online or at retail are completely different from ChrgD+ (a “Dry Beverage”). ChrgD+ uses patented DehydraTECH technology that ensures the CBD in each serving keeps its full potency, fresh for use when and where you want it.

CBD water, drinks, and ChrgD+

When using ChrgD+ dissolvable packets, the amazing technology within each package directs the virtually flavorless CBD directly into your bloodstream for fast and thorough delivery This is the key differentiator. Other Ready To Drink CBD liquids that lack DehydraTECH often contain small quantities of CBD that are degrading every week; and what little CBD IS inside the bottle rarely finds your bloodstream or cannabinoid receptors, which is why most of these products don’t work.

CBD Taste: CBD vs. Hemp Oil

It’s super-important to know that CBD and hemp oil are two different things! Hemp oil contains lots of ingredients, one of which is CBD. But CBD is just, well, CBD: there’s nothing else in it. Some of the ingredients in hemp oil taste and smell funky, but CBD alone has virtually zero flavor or odour. In order to deliver to you a bottled CBD product, lots of manufacturers use only a CBD ingredient with no taste. But that robs you of the beneficial properties of the much more complex hemp oil.

ChrgD+ uses multi-spectrum hemp oil that contains a number of beneficial hemp ingredients beyond CBD. You should ALWAYS read the label of the product you are buying: if it doesn’t say “Multi-Spectrum” or “Full Spectrum” just walk away and spend your money on a product that does use the superior multi-spectrum ingredient.

Without DehydraTECH technology, you might have to get used to the strong taste of another multi-spectrum hemp oil product or put up with loads of sugars or artificial flavours.

Incredibly, ChrgD+ has no added sugars or flavours, so that you can add ChrgD+ to ANY beverage at all, with virtually no flavor impact. It’s the #1 leading product in the world today in its ability to use multi-spectrum hemp oil, no added sugars or artificial ingredients, and still not have a negative taste impact.

ChrgD+ benefits:

  • Consistent and accurate servings
  • Packages are tiny and easy to carry around
  • Flavorless – enjoy in ANY existing beverage
  • Full potency of CBD is kept
  • Fast onset and full delivery of CBD

CBD water problems:

  • Bottled CBD water will lose potency every week on the shelf
  • Rarely tested in human clinical trials
  • Poor absorption technology or none at all
  • Limited flavors/formats

Deciding what is best for you

Buying a CBD product may seem overwhelming.

Stick with this guide:

  • Only buy CBD products that use multi-spectrum or full-spectrum ingredients
  • Never buy a CBD product in a clear bottle – the light will degrade the product
  • Make sure the CBD product you are considering has been tested in humans: you deserve to know what to expect and that it is safe!

If you want full mobility and effect from your CBD products, stick to a product that has already been researched and proven effective.

Buy ChrgD+ Today!

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