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ChrgD+ is rolling out in select regions of the United States. If you don’t see it yet, perhaps you should tell your favorite stores about it!

Each serving of ChrgD+ contains about one sixth of the lactose in a cup of milk. Many people who have a lactose sensitivity are able to drink ChrgD+ without any problem. If you have concerns, consult a medical professional.

Even though ChrgD+ does not contain detectable levels of THC, due to individual metabolism rates and the effective absorption that our patented DehydraTECHTM Technology provides to our products, there is the potential that individuals who consume our products, may test positive for the presence of cannabinoids.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the principle psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that produces a psychoactive reaction. ChrgD+ DOES NOT contain THC other than tiny trace amounts that have no measurable effects. We pride ourselves on our testing process to ensure that our products are always within regulatory limits when it comes to THC content. Many countries around the world – and states within America – are using a range between 0.1% and 0.3% THC as the upper limit for compliance with regulations, and our products fall well below these limits with respect to any measurable THC content.

No. ChrgD+ DOES NOT contain THC other than tiny trace amounts that have no measurable effects.

Maximum CBD dosages have not been established. Many people take hundreds of milligrams daily without adverse effect. We recommend you keep to three or fewer servings per day.

We have a very strict, internal quality assurance system, and we have third party laboratories analyze all our raw material, intermediate and final products for cannabinoid potency, bacterial, mycotoxin (fungal) and microbial content. If you have purchased ChrgD+ you can view all your specific COA with full lab analysis here.

The CBD in ChrgD+ is entirely derived from hemp grown in the United States under state hemp licenses.

No! ChrgD+ is manufactured with ONLY High Absorption Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to enable all the benefits CBD has to offer.

The innovative DehydraTECHTM technology invented by Lexaria has been scientifically proven in human clinical testing in 2018 to deliver 317% more CBD into the human blood stream at the 30-minute mark, than generic CBD. Additionally a 2019 In Vivo Animal Study proved again the DehydraTECH technology delivers 475% More CBD to Bloodstream after 15 Minutes than Conventional Industry Formulations. Consumers purchasing products powered by DehydraTECH can be assured they are receiving a premium product that delivers more CBD into their bloodstream than other brands on the market today.

If you have concerns about interactions between ChrgD+ and your medications, consult a medical professional before taking ChrgD+.

No. ChrgD+ is for people aged 18 and older.

Due to Federal regulations, we are not permitted to make health or function claims about CBD.