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Charge up any beverage!

Add ChrgD+ to your favorite drink, hot or cold, to get the benefits of high absorption CBD in the bloodstream within minutes. Packaged in convenient easy-tear pouches so you can take your charge anywhere!

With no added flavors or sweeteners, ChrgD+ adds 20mg of CBD to your everyday wellness regimen without having to give up the drinks you love.

DehydraTECHTM Patented Absorption Technology ensures neutral flavor and fast absorption, leading to clinically proven higher bioavailability – up 3 to 5 times compared to leading commercially sold CBD products on the market today.

Get more CBD in your bloodstream for less!

Each box contains 6 individual easy-tear stick packs containing 20mg of CBD

Total CBD 120mg

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Carton of six individual stick-packs

Get The Results You’ve Always Wanted…
The PERFECT SOLUTION for those seeking the goodness of whole-plant and full spectrum hemp-oil constituents. Our technology is designed to work with the physiology of the human gastro-intestinal system where lipid substances are molecularly engineered into each serving of ChrgD+, are quickly and highly absorbed into the circulatory system for maximum effectiveness.

PROVEN TO ABSORB at 3-5x Higher Levels*
Powered by Lexaria Bioscience’s PATENTED ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY that has been third-party tested for RAPID and EFFECTIVE delivery of hemp oil constituents.

Third-party testing has shown increases in absorption using our technology by as much as 3-5x more than conventional preparations, with action in as little as 15 minutes.

*In-vivo human tests January and March 2016 and in-vivo human pharmacokinetic study August 2018”

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6 reviews for ChrgD+

  1. PJ

    Mixes great – Had it after a hard spin class!

  2. Jean Hart (verified owner)

    No flavor, and mixes instantly in any beverage I’ve tried, cold and hot. Have drank in my morning coffee to help with inflammation in my hands, and have drank in evening smoothie. Does not make me wake up groggy (unlike other CBD oils that I have tried have). Feel like I’m adding a shot of health to my drink, love it!

  3. KC

    Recommended ChrgD to one of my spin clients to help with his bad knee, which normally becomes inflamed after a class! He sipped on it in his water throughout the class and commented that his knee felt dramatically better immediately after the class. Checked up the next day and he said there was hardly any pain at all, which is extremely rare for him. I would definitely recommend ChrgD to anyone, especially those who partake in regular physical activity.

  4. Toria M.

    Love this product! It’s very convenient, and from what I’ve experienced, it’s the most effective CBD product out there. I definitely recommend it!

  5. Bryan W. (verified owner)

    I have been taking ChrgD each morning for the past 3 weeks. I add it to a glass of orange juice and stir for approximately 20 seconds. I don’t detect any change in the taste of the juice. My respiratory system seems to have improved in a short period of time. I am 73 years of age and quite active so I feel the benefit. The packaging is very well designed and convenient for opening.

  6. Lisa E

    Since I’ve been using ChrgD (6 weeks) my breathing has improved even during the fires hear in the north SF Bay area. As my anxiety over the breathing problems has decreased and my energy has improved greatly, I feel like I’m 10-15 years younger and have way less aches and pains.

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