Holiday CBD Bundle

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ViPova Premium Hemp Oil Tea

USD $92.98 USD $59.00



This holiday bundle includes 1 pack of ChrgD, 1 bottle Turbo CBD and 1 box of ViPova tea.


Charge up any beverage! Add ChrgD+ to your favorite drink, hot or cold, to get the benefits of highly bioavailable CBD. Packaged in convenient easy-tear pouches so you can take charge anywhere!

With no added flavors or sweeteners, ChrgD+ adds CBD to your everyday wellness regimen without having to give up the drinks you love. DehydraTECHTM Patented Absorption Technology ensures neutral flavor and fast absorption, leading to quick onset and high bioavailability – up to 3 to 5 times better than standard delivery methods.

Turbo CBD

The PERFECT SOLUTION for those seeking the goodness of whole-plant, full spectrum hemp-oil constituents together with the benefits of American Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. Our technology is designed to work with the physiology of the human gastro-intestinal system where lipid substances like sunflower oil, molecularly engineered into each serving of TurboCBD™, are highly and quickly absorbed into the circulatory system for maximum effectiveness.

ViPova Yunnan Black Tea

This delicious black tea includes 50mg of Multi Scandinavian full spectrum hemp oil per serving.


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