The science behind ChrgD+

Lexaria Bioscience’s revolutionary patented DehydraTECHTM Technology

Backed by Science

ChrgD+ is powered up by our revolutionary patented technology provided by Lexaria Bioscience Corp. The innovative DehydraTECHTM technology invented by Lexaria has been scientifically proven in human clinical testing to deliver 317% more CBD into the human blood stream at the 30-minute mark, than generic CBD. That’s right: generic products that do NOT use advanced absorption technology deliver less than 1/3 the amount of CBD after 30 minutes as ChrgD+ does!

What’s more, ChrgD+ uses multi-spectrum hemp oil, a nourishing source that includes a number of harmonious ingredients beyond simple CBD. Lexaria’s technology delivers these ingredients while masking the strong and bitter flavors of hemp – inferior brands instead use CBD isolate and fail to deliver the synergistic co-ingredients of hemp oil. It’s called “the entourage effect” and you get it in every serving of ChrgD+.

Used with any drink

Dissolves in any beverage, hot or cold!

Flavorless + odorless

You won’t taste or smell it!

Increased absorption

Clinically Proven 3-5x greater intestinal bioabsorption & effectiveness compared to competing formulas!

Rapid effectiveness

Absorbed into your system in minutes!

What makes ChrgD+ different?

First off, ChrgD+ utilizes our patented process to infuse the active ingredients from the finest, full spectrum hemp oil together with certain fatty acids or lipids. In doing so, a couple of important benefits are realized. One is that the strong taste of raw hemp oil is masked because it is bound with another substance. Secondly, bioavailability of lipids processed by the human body is high, which is believed to lead to a more rapid and effective absorption of the active ingredients into the body. To date, we have performed a series of laboratory and human studies to assess this. Third-party (in vitro) laboratory testing has showed that our technology enabled a 499% increase in cannabinoid permeability in human intestinal tissues when compared to controls that lacked our technology improvements. Furthermore, a human biomarker study demonstrated that our technology caused as much as a 3-5 fold increase in levels of a CBD surrogate in the body, with onset of this action in as little as 15 minutes.

ChrgD+ outperforms all other brands of CBD products by offering greater and more rapid absorption and has conducted extensive tests to prove it. Combined with the powerful taste and odor masking properties of DehydraTECHTM, no other brand of CBD product can match ChrgD+.

At just 2 grams per packet, consumers can carry several servings in a shirt pocket or purse. It doesn’t melt on a warm day and it doesn’t need refrigeration. Added to any drink, anywhere and anytime gives it the most versatility of any CBD product on the market today.

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How does DehydraTECHTM Work?

To learn more about DehydraTECH please click here for our more detailed information sheet!

Scientific Papers (downloadable)

2019 CBD In-Vivo Animal Study Synopsis

Lexaria compared its standard DehydraTECHTM formulation that combines cannabinoids with long-chain fatty acids using Lexaria’s patented dehydration processing technique to a concentration-matched formulation utilizing coconut oil which is a commonly used medium chain triglyceride oil in the cannabinoid edibles industry.

2018 European Human Clinical Study Synopsis

The degree and speed of CBD absorption into blood plasma was tested in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study in 12 healthy human volunteers comparing a 90 mg CBD dose of Lexaria’s TurboCBD™ powered by its patented DehydraTECH™ absorption and palatability enhancing technology to a concentration-matched control formulation without DehydraTECH™ incorporation.

Charge up any drink!